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Length, mm
Width, mm
Thickness, mm
Type of rounding

The shape of the end of worktop The shape of the end of the worktop. L (rounding on one side), U (rounding on two sides). If there is no rounding, the end is edged with an ABS edge at a right angle.
X- without rounding
1L - one rounding on one side of the product
2L - two roundings on one side of the product
1U - one rounding on both sides of the product
2U - two roundings on both sides of the product

Quantity of profiles
Antibacterial coating

A special coating that kills bacteria and germs by 99.9% in 24 hours.

Moisture resistance

Due to the special composition of the chipboard base has additional protection against moisture. It is usually marked in green.

Surface type (Front side)

Top coating that determines the structure and gloss of the surface.


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Corner segment - a trapezoidal worktop element to create a corner kitchen. The corner element provides additional ergonomic workspace.

Like LuxeForm™ worktops, corner elements are made by postforming technology on the basis of ordinary or moisture-resistant chipboard. Standard dimensions: 900x900 mm, or 850x850 mm. Thickness: 28/38 mm.

At connection with a worktop the discrepancy of drawing of a decor is possible.

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