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Worktops, wall panels & accessories

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A worktop is the essential working surface in the kitchen, which adorns any kitchen interior being installed on top of base cabinets.

LuxeForm worktops are made through postforming manufacturing process. This is a modern processing method of the chipboard wrapping with high-quality plastic under the influence of high temperatures. The back side of the worktop is protected by non-yielding paper. In addition, a water barrier joint is applied, which keeps it away from moisture.

At your choice postforming worktops can be made of regular or moisture-resistant chipboard. You can also choose the thickness of the worktop: 18/28/38/50 mm and the rounding radius: 3/6/12 mm or without any. The lengths of our LuxeForm worktops available are either 3050 or 4200 mm, but you can always order additional worktop machining services to get the desired size, sink and hob aperture cutting, edgebanding, etc.

In addition to the worktop, you can buy a skirting board and a wall panel. We suggest furnishing out countertops without rounding and the cross-cut ends with ABS edging. Unlike comparable materials, ABS edging is shock and deformation resistant.

A wall panel is the easiest way to protect and decorate the kitchen apron — a part of the surface between the countertop and wall cabinets. LuxeForm wall panels consist of a 10 mm thick chipboard covered with a decorative laminate with a special structure and a protective coating, while the reverse side is treated with non-yielding paper or white plastic L900. Offered in lengths: 3050 or 4200 mm, and widths from 600 to 1200 mm.

LuxeForm products are worth buying as they are:

• reliable and durable (have a protective coating ’overlay’);

• environmentally friendly and safe;

• easy to care for, easy to clean;

• has a wide range of textures and surface finishes, which will satisfy the most demanding consumer;

• can be tailored to custom sizes.