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The shape and size of the plinth.

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Length, mm

It can be made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PP (polypropylene). The difference between PVC and PP is the temperatures they can withstand. PP melts at higher temperatures.

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Guarantee, years

Warranty period of operation, during which the manufacturer undertakes to exchange the goods or refund in the event of defects with proper care.

Type of goods for plinth

Shaped elements needed to connect parts of the plinth, including at an angle, and close the edges.

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Kitchen skirting board

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The kitchen skirting board closes the gap between the countertop and the wall, prevents dirt and moisture from entering, and makes the kitchen interior complete.

In the range of the company "ROST" you will find different types of boards in shape and size.

The color range includes both universal monochromatic colors and the decor of tabletops and corner segments LuxeForm ™.