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Board materials

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No modern furniture manufacturing is possible without board materials. The Rost company offers a wide range of board materials of its own production and supplied by leading European manufacturers such as:

• Acryl decorative panels;

• Сrystaline decorative panels;

• Smartline decorative panels;

• Compact by LuxeForm;

• laminate faced chipboard panels (LCB);

• Melamine Faced Chipboards (MFC);

• high-density fiberboards (HDF).

LuxeForm Acryl — Collection of decorative panels, distinguished by its stylish design and rich color. With LuxeForm Acryl the furniture will be a zest of your home by highlighting your individual style.

LuxeForm Crystaline — The perfect formula for modern furniture that combines luxurious appearance, reliability, and utility.

LuxeForm SmartLine — The best materials for a durable living space. All are resistant to heat (up to 60° C), and mechanical damage (have an additional protective coating against scratches and fingerprints).

Compact by LuxeForm — High-tech compact laminate with enhanced characteristics in all performance features. They are resistant to moisture, do not absorb dirt and odors, endure chemicals and detergents.

LDSP (Laminated chipboard) is the most used material for home and office furniture, as well as for commercial equipment and interior design. Compatible with many types of fixtures and gluing this material is easy to work with, by making the structure strong and reliable. The laminated top coating protects the boards from moisture and dirt impact.

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) is well machinable, has a high level of noise reduction and resistance to temperature fluctuations. In terms of density and environmental performance leaves chipboard behind.

HDF (Wood corrugated board of high strength) is used for the cabinets back walls, drawer bottoms, billboards, interior doors, alignment of a ceiling and walls. It features a uniform structure and high density.

The textures of board materials are selected following the latest trends in the furniture industry and fit any style: from classic to modern.

All products have been certified as meeting quality and compliance standards.

Professional managers will advise and help you choose the right material depending on your needs and the intended use of furniture.