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Surface type (Front side)

Top coating that determines the structure and gloss of the surface.




Back side material

Impact-resistant polystyrene, which helps to stabilize the product. Сan also be a topcoat material.

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Decorative panels Acryl

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LuxeForm Acryl is a collection of decorative plates and fronts, distinguished by a stylish design and rich color. The mesmerizing and mysterious, harmonious and reliable surface of acrylic fronts fills the space, adds charm to the entire design.

With LuxeForm Acryl furniture will become a juicy highlight and emphasize the individuality of your style.
LuxeForm Acryl decorative panels have the innovative LuxeForm ANTIBAC antibacterial coating, which destroys 99% of bacteria and germs in 24 hours. Confirmed by ISO 22196/JIS Z2801 certificate.

Fronts and decorative plates unlike others:
• do not lose color and do not peel off;
• do not deform due to changes in temperature and humidity;
• do not require special care;
• resistant to mechanical damage;
• 100% moisture resistant;
• 100% color identity when replacing damaged parts or installing additional sections.

LuxeForm Acryl surface types:
• HIGH GLOSS (GL) – mirror gloss 90 GLE. Perfect smooth surface according to AMK-MB-009,09/2010 standard.
• SUPER MATT (MT-AF) – a deep matte surface with a soft-touch coating and protection against fingerprints (5 GLE).
• METALLIC (ME, MM) – glossy and matte coatings with metallic shimmer.

The minimum size of fronts: 50x120 mm
Maximum size of fronts: 2780x1280 mm
The size of the decorative panel: 2800x1300 mm (3.64 m²)
Thickness depending on decor combinations: 18.4 mm (+/- 0.2 mm).