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The Day of Defenders of Ukraine

Thank you to everyone who fights for Ukraine, independence and freedom

We are reopening our showroom!

Schedule: Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 16:00

Resumption of production in full!

In 7-14 days we produce all LuxeForm products with consistently high quality and deliver them to regions where possible. Self-pickup is available from warehouses in Berdychiv and Kyiv.

Changes in the work schedule of Rost LLC due to the emergency situation

We value the life and safety of our colleagues, customers and partners, so we temporarily suspend the production and customer service departments of Rost LLC.

Do you want to create the furniture of your dreams?

LuxeForm Compact are modern worktops and fronts 12 mm thick 

Novelties LuxeForm Compact

Fragile Island and monumental Vinson will create an extremely cozy atmosphere in your home, both when using each decor separately and in a harmonious combination.

Meet 6 amazing novelties in the LuxeForm Acryl collection!


New LuxeForm Acryl decors - look forward to the New Year holidays!

Let's sweeten your holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Year's holidays always bring joy and love! And even the light at this time is somehow extremely fun and solemn together!

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