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Panels LuxeForm Compact

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LuxeForm Compact is one of the most modern technological solutions in furniture slabs, distinguished by high characteristics in all parameters of operational properties.

Thanks to its monolithic structure, the compact laminate is resistant to moisture, does not absorb dirt and odors, is not susceptible to the action of chemical reagents and detergents, therefore it is very easy to maintain and durable in operation. This product is hygienic and safe for food products.

Plate size: 

•  3660/4200*1300/1400/649*12  

•  1827/2097*649*1300/1400*12

• moisture resistance
• fire resistance
• resistance to corrosion and cracks
• easy cleaning
• environmental friendliness and safety
• guarantee against burning – 10 years (UV+)
• operational period - 50 years
It is used as worktops, and fronts in the furniture of any interior spaces: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, in public catering establishments, and many others.

The collection includes 12 decors that perfectly imitate the beauty of natural materials.
6 of these decors are also available in post-forming products: countertops, wall panels, furniture plates and in sheet plastic.

Processing services:
• cutting
• milling
• filler for loops.