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Surface type (Front side)

Top coating that determines the structure and gloss of the surface.




Antibacterial coating

A special coating that kills bacteria and germs by 99.9% in 24 hours.

Back side material

Impact-resistant polystyrene, which helps to stabilize the product. Сan also be a topcoat material.

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Decorative Panels Crystaline

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LuxeForm Crystaline is a trend in the production of European-style fronts and decorative panels. This is a luxury that cannot be refused. The refined interior will be filled with shine and bright colors.

LuxeForm Crystaline fronts and panels are a complete imitation of glass, but the material is 10 times stronger and safer than glass and 50% lighter than glass.

Thanks to the 45° chamfer, depth of color is achieved.

• Increased resistance to mechanical damage: TopX1800
• Even and smooth surface according to standard AMK-MB-009, 09/2010
• Resistance to temperature changes and UV radiation
• Instant readiness for use
• Special back cover
• Ease of maintenance
• Water resistance
• High chemical resistance
• Durability
• Innovative antibacterial coating
• Environmental friendliness
• Perfect color depth
• Visual expansion of space
• Diversity of the shade palette and the possibility of combinations.

The minimum size of facades: 50x120 mm
Maximum size of facades: 2780x1280 mm
The size of the decorative panel: 2800x1300 mm (3.64 m²)
Thickness: 20 mm (+/- 0.2 mm).