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Part feed speed, m / min

The mode which provides uniform gluing of details. Depends on the temperature.

Operating temperature range

Temperature interval during which the process of gluing parts takes place.


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Joiner's adhesives

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Furniture glue is an essential ingredient for manufacturing and repairing furniture. The «Rost» company offers adhesives for various needs:

• adhesive sealant;

• dispersion glue;

• hotmelt glue;

• assembly glue.

The adhesive sealant is easy to use, attaches well to most surfaces, forms a strong, water-resistant seam.

Dispersion adhesive — ready-to-use adhesive mixture can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures: from –30 to + 90 ° C.

Hotmelt glue is the most common in furniture production. It makes a good showing of consistency, fast adhesion, maximum bonding strength.

Assembly glue is a multi-purpose adhesive for fixing heavy-duty structures without an additional fixture. Compatible with a variety of materials. It starts to work immediately.