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Surface type (Front side)

Top coating that determines the structure and gloss of the surface.




Thickness, mm
Back side material

Impact-resistant polystyrene, which helps to stabilize the product. Сan also be a topcoat material.

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Decorative Panels SmartLine

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The reliability of LuxeForm SmartLine panels and fronts will create an ideal, long-lasting living space for you.

The most popular shades, presented in both glossy and matte surfaces, can become an impeccable universal solution when creating a design not only for the kitchen, but also for the bathroom, wardrobes, interior doors and any other furniture.

• Resistance to thermal effects (up to 60°С)
• Increased resistance to mechanical damage due to the presence of an additional protective coating against scratches.
• Compliance of the material with the established safety criteria according to DSanPiN 8.2.1-181-2012. All raw materials have been fully tested for compliance with established medical indicators used in the production of furniture components.
• European gloss quality standard EN 17214:2017 (3rd class p.1)
• High-strength and moisture-resistant back coating
• Instant readiness for use.
• Ease of maintenance.
• All products in a protective film.

The minimum size of fronts: 50x120 mm
Maximum size of fronts: 2780x1280 mm
The size of the decorative panel: 2800x1300 mm (3.64 m²)
  • 17.7 mm (+/-0.2 mm depending on the decor);
  • 10 mm (+/-0.2 mm, depending on the decor).