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Type of rounding

The shape of the end of worktop The shape of the end of the worktop. L (rounding on one side), U (rounding on two sides). If there is no rounding, the end is edged with an ABS edge at a right angle.
X- without rounding
1L - one rounding on one side of the product
2L - two roundings on one side of the product
1U - one rounding on both sides of the product
2U - two roundings on both sides of the product


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Connecting laths for worktops

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Connecting laths for worktops are required to install the kitchen work surface, which consists of two or more parts. The laths for the ends cover the open edges of the worktop that have not been trimmed with an edge.

Material - aluminum.

This is the simplest way to connect parts of the worktop to each other or to a corner element. Allows you to mount the work surface without the involvement of specialists.

Connecting laths of various thicknesses and radii of rounding are available. Colors: aluminum and white.