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Do you want to create the furniture of your dreams?

Just imagine how stylish and modern they are 😍
Have you already ideated the admiring eyes of your friends and relatives❓ 

Therefore try faster Luxeform Compact ❗️

LuxeForm Compact are modern worktops and fronts 12 mm thick 

Thin worktops are now in trend 🔥 Also they are:

✅ 100% waterproof💦
✅ Fire resistant 🔥
✅ Resistant to corrosion and cracks 💪
✅ Easy to care for 👍
✅ Environmentally friendly and safe 🌱
✅ Warranty against burnout - 10 years (UV+) 🌞
✅ Service life - not less than 50 years 🛡

Get rid of restrictions, choose LuxeForm Compact!