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Work schedule during the New Year holidays

The company "ROST" on holidays will work according to the following schedule:

24.12.2021 - reduced working day until 15.00

from 25.12.2021 to 27.12.2021 - days off
on December 30, 2021, the warehouse will ship products until 15:00
from 31.12.2021 to 03.01.2022 - days off
from 04.01.2022 to 06.01.2022 - we work in the usual mode
from 07.01.2022 to 09.01.2022 - days off
from 10.01.2022 - warehouses and office will work as usual.

Orders for the production of worktops, wall panels and fronts are accepted and confirmed by 11:00 on 23.12.2021 - will be made by 30.12.2021.
Orders accepted and confirmed by 11:00 on 28.12.2021 will be ready for shipment from 04.01.2022, after 11:00 on 28.12.2021 - will be made from 10.01.2022 in accordance with the standard terms of execution of orders.

Orders for services for cutting, edging, processing of details of plate materials and postforming are accepted till 23.12.2021 - will be made till 30.12.2021, provided that the goods are in stock. Orders received from 24.12.2021 - will be made from 18.01.2022.

The work schedule of transport companies will be provided separately.