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  • PUR glue
  • Durable backing
  • Scratch resistance
  • Resistance to burnout
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Durable backing

Decorative panel LuxeForm Acryl MT-AF-500U AS ocean, matt, thickness 18,4 mm, length 2800 mm, width 1300 mm, MDF base,reverse side - the right material for the counter-surface HS 000U white

Code: РО151642 000048570

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6,170 UAH./pcs


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A noble and intriguing colour that needs good lighting. Gold and silver decor looks expensive and stylish on such a background, creating an exquisite atmosphere in the Art Deco style.

Super matte surface (5 GLE) with a special coating that is extremely resistant to all types of dirt, no finger marks are left on it.

Increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Trademark LuxeForm
Hit sales Yes
Material of groundwork MDF
Made in Ukraine
Thickness, mm 18.4
Surface Acryl АВS
Surface type Matte
Back side material HS 000U white
Decor code MT-AF-500U AS
Antibacterial coating Yes
Embossing No
Structure No
Length, mm 2800
Collection Etalon
Type of goods Decorative panel Acryl
Width, mm 1300
Weight 55 kg